Computer Repair

Computer repair services are vital for good business health, so it’s important to put the care of your computer equipment and IT system into the hands of someone you trust. Komputer Tek  IT’s technicians are available to you to diagnose and repair desktop computers, laptops, servers, networks and other technology challenges.


 Improve Productivity With Our Computer Repair Services

Fast repair and speed your computers after repair

Budget-friendly Computer Services for businesses throughout Komputer Tek

Data Backup and Recovery

Data backup and recovery are essential parts of any business operation. Ensuring the ability to quickly recover your data and systems from a crash or disaster is the goal of our data backup and recovery services. Like most businesses, your data is the backbone of your business. It’s an asset that defines your company. Keeping it safe, intact and restorable will give you peace of mind in the face of a catastrophe. As with any important business function, planning and preparation are key and they’re essential elements of the quality data backup and recovery services we can provide your organization.

Data Backup: Local or Remote

At Komputer Tek , our technicians can help you select the right data backup solution that fits your needs and budget.

Your data is critical to your business. Let KOMPUTER TEK IT handle your data backup and recovery needs


Hardware & Software Solutions

Our hardware and software solutions include:

  • Providing system assessments
  • Designing IT systems and networks
  • Integrating new technologies with legacy networks
  • Purchasing assistance
  • Installation and configuration of all hardware and software
  • Custom build computer
  • DC-Jack Repair
  • Motherboard Repair
  • Cell Phone Repairs
  • IPOD+IPAD and Mac Repair
  • Full System Cleanup
  • Virus Removal

Leave IT To The Experts

Don’t worry about trying to keep up with the latest hardware and software technology on your own. We’re the experts in that area. Leave it to us. KOMPUTER TEK is a full service provider for that one time project or for all of your managed service’s needs. Call us today. We’ll be right over. 

Antivirus and Spyware Removal

Long a threat to enterprise computer networks around the world, computer viruses and spyware are now targeted toward small- to medium-sized businesses. Computer viruses hide themselves in files such as Word documents or spreadsheets. When these files are opened a virus spreads quickly throughout your network infecting everything it contacts.

 Some viruses are laced with spyware—programs that take over your interaction with the computer for commercial gain. Spyware does more than monitor and interrupt your behavior and functionality it can also steal financial information, monitor web-browsing activity for marketing purposes, or route HTTP requests to advertising sites.

Antivirus and spyware protection is a war you have to wage every day. Without professional antivirus and spyware removal services and support you could be left with the high cost of service interruptions, lost data and a threatened reputation with your customers.

Protection and Removal of Viruses and Spyware

With our antivirus and spyware removal services and support, we can turn up the heat on potential hackers who try to infiltrate your IT system. We regularly scan your system for rogue applications and suspicious downloads and work with you to determine just how stringent these scans need to be for your maximum protection. We also do the following:

  • Update licensed security software
  • Check for computer updates
  • Initiate security scans
  • Detect and remove security threats
  • Guard against viruses, spyware, phishing, malware, and more.

Virus Protection with Antivirus Software

Our Virus Blocker and Spyware Blocker are best-of-breed antivirus and spyware removal applications for businesses. We employ a multi-layered approach to security, starting with a hosted antispam solution that scans for and blocks spam, viruses, and spyware from emails before they even get to your mailbox, a gateway security device that scans for viruses and spyware from other threat vectors such as the Web, to endpoint security that protects local machines and performs regular deep scans for threats.

KOMPUTER TEK IT’s proactive approach to virus and spyware protection and removal is less costly than dealing with the after effects of a virus or spyware attack. Start protecting your business today by calling KOMPUTER TEK IT.

 Wireless Network Services and Support

At KOMPUTER TEK IT, our wireless network services and support give you complete communication freedom. Whether you’re going to the office next door, down the hall to a conference room or over to your warehouse, you can always be connected to the information you need with a wireless network.

Worried about walking away from a high-speed connection or not being near a printer when you need it? Worry no more, when you rely on KOMPUTERT TEK IT for wireless network services and support.

Our wireless networking services include:

  • Installation and setup of wireless networks
  • Configuration of settings and security
  • Troubleshooting
  • Helping you select the right products for your wireless network.

Video Surveillance Security Installation and Maintenance

Burglaries, robberies and vandalism can all be devastating to a small business in terms of money, customers, and employee safety. Protecting your business assets, from cash and computers to inventory and customer data, is easier with video surveillance security KOMPUTER TEK IT.

Security Camera Systems and More

We offer a wide range of video surveillance security equipment including:

  • Digital video recorders (DVRs)
  • CCTV security cameras
  • Digital cameras
  • Video capture boards
  • Wireless security systems
  • Accessories and more.